Henry Guan,
Web Developer

Public Accounts of Canada 2019 Web Conversion

Led the Public Accounts of Canada 2019 Web Conversion Process among all interns, mentoring 6 interns over a 4-month period. PERL scripts were used to validate over 5000 pages of data split among 10 team members.

MERNG Social Media App

A social media app built on the MERNG stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS, GraphQL) with the completed features of the database, server, login, registration, authentication (JWT), post creation, post deletion, likes, and comments. Front-end is currently in progress.

React Movie Database

Movie database based on React. Movie data was fetched through REST APIs from the The Movie Database and returned as JSON outputs.

JavaScript Blackjack

A Blackjack game written entirely from scratch, made with vanilla JavaScript. Players have a cash pool and can make bets for the main game, along with 3 common casino side bets.